[Cutting Item] Factors determining the price of woodworking engraving machines

Bought or ready to buy woodworking engraving machine friends, there will be such doubts, and woodworking engraving machine is why the price difference is so great? I think it is the truth for laymen to watch the bustle and see the doorways.

1, the circuit and electrical appliances determine the price. As the assembly woodworking engraving machine line is standardized, the use of materials whether pass, will directly affect the service life of the machine, life determines the price is reasonable, which is rarely noticed by consumers.

2, engraving machine processing accessories determine the price. Woodworking engraving machine is made up of many processing parts. The processing flow and manufacturing process determine the assembly accuracy. Processing a new Fala engraving machine is all-around to grind, the only way out of the high standard of work, to the machine in order to reduce the accumulation of precision machine assembly process, otherwise the machine assembly process will use the pad down, long-term use of machine precision is greatly reduced. This is also quite a lot of machines at the time of purchase is very cheap, start with accuracy can also, but a year later, the accuracy is not as good as the previous reasons.

3, the structure of the bed. Each brand of woodworking engraving machine bed structure is different, and the new Fala engraving machine bed structure is all tailor-made, different power spindle motor are configured with different structure of the bed. Engraving machine bed is generated by the spindle, the largest impact on the bed to calculate, not a specification of the bed, used for all the configuration of the engraving machine.

Of course materials and production process is the main reason of bed bed decision quality, the new Fala carved machine tool steel all GB products, but also according to different parts of the bearing steel standard has strict requirements; production process is a bed bed cost of main key, the new Fala engraving machine the bed all through the vibration failure treatment, part of bed is strictly tempering annealing treatment, these are hard to force the release of steel maximum, deformation coefficient decreases in bed; bed stress release after treatment, but also through the five axis milling machine milling machine, Longmen large deep processing, in order to machine precision. Only through the processing of the bed, it can withstand long time applications without losing accuracy.

Therefore, the new Fala woodworking engraving machine on the processing parts, at present is the quality inspection department after the whole inspection can be stored, so that in the source to stop the unqualified parts of the machine.

  1. Assembly standard. See in the resistance moment in locomotive carving, assembly each with a machine all cannot do without measuring tools, rather than by the feeling of assembling the machine assembly, only through strict assembly can pass in and out of the assembly machine, and the use of the process in the late of the machine does not repair the problem is fatal.