[Cutting Item] What You Need To Know Before Buying A Cutter Plotter

After Sales Support

This is one of the most important thing you need to look at before purchasing one, not the price. Without after sales support, you will be spending your hard earned money in cell phone loads, food and travel expenses, not to mention living accommodation with no guarantee of being serviced that same day. Validate also the seller’s technical know-how of the product they are selling. In the heat press business, regular operational and maintenance checks should be carried out within agreed intervals, including necessary repairs and upgrades, to keep the installation in a performance optimizing condition.


How long is the warranty of your machine? Do they have parts available anytime? What is covered with their warranty? Warranty is now limited to 6 months only. Make sure the seller is DTI registered, has a Barangay Certificate and a Mayor’s permit. You don’t want to be victimized by a fly by night seller!


You also need to ask your seller if they provide a hands on training or just a 15 – 20 min. demo. Ask them what is covered with their training. Will they discuss file formats with you? Do they have a reference manual? A detailed Do-It-Yourself video? Is it only just about making the machine work or will they provide you a detailed and comprehensive training? After sales support is the most critical part of keeping your business running smoothly, customers satisfied and the most profitability potential for your business.

Product demo can be misleading. During the demo, the machine works perfectly fine. But you take it home with you and it don’t even start! Tragic right! Why? There are still things that needs to be considered : Your Computer, Connection, Resident Driver, Software, Plug-ins, Contour Cutting, Designing, Cut / Plot, Direct Cut, measurements etc.

Without proper training, does it cost or save you money? Remember, without proper training you are wasting many man hours. You’ll have more down-time, employees being unproductive which will cost your company to lose production and the ability to earn more money. Your productivity, committed turn-time and your profitability is how your business will grow. Technical know-how of the seller is very important – and this just don’t concern the seller/owner, make sure their staff also know how to deal with any unscheduled maintenance/issues. Training and support has been vital to our success and we pride ourselves in the way we look after our customers.


We Filipinos love freebies. Know what other freebies they offer. Do they have ready-to-cut designs? Are those their own or snagged/stolen from the internet? It might be copyrighted. Check everything out. This will keep you one step ahead of your competitor or will make your learning process faster and more productive.



You might encounter the brand Flexi8 Starter along the way. Make sure you get the original copy of Flexi8 with license and original USB dongle. You might end up getting a virus or getting a “Blue Screen of Death” on your computer. BSOD doesn’t just mean your computer has a virus, it could be hardware incompatibility, not meeting system requirements, missing system files, etc.


A 24″ Redsail or Graphtec Cutter Plotter would range from P21,000 – P25,000, it doesn’t matter. What you always need to consider are those things I mentioned above. If a seller got all those positive attributes, then buying a 24″ Redsail or Graphtec Cutter Plotter worth P25,000 is already an amazing deal! Performance and reliability are of course of paramount importance but so too is value for money. Therefore our products are carefully chosen to give you the best value for money ratio.

Technical Support

Most companies have inexperienced technical support people which can be frustrating trying to work through an issue or an arising problem. With our company we provide highly skilled technical staff that will work through any issues or problems that may arise. Technical support should always be prioritized.

Loss of Income

Loss of potential earnings due to initial investment on higher priced equipment with poor customer service. We provide a high quality machine with outstanding customer support to increase your company’s earning potential. Tees and Prints offers a lower cost machine with the same quality as higher end units.

Wow! Imagine a product that is 1/5 of the cost to give you a quality product that you can pass on the savings to your customers and also give high profitability to your company. Our machines might not have some of the advanced options of the Roland, Graphtec, Mimaki, Zencut, and a lot more. Fancy options offered on these high cost machines are rarely used so it will be a wasted expense for your company with no better quality on your end product.

We give you a low cost option to give you a high quality product for your customers, with the ability to grow in the future with different options to give your company the versatility that it needs. We offer a low cost machine so with a small investment you can have a low overhead and be able to earn cash fast!