[Ulrasonic Cleaner] Characteristics of ultrasonic cleaners for industrial machinery

All mechanical ultrasonic cleaners have a punched slot with no soldering gaps, a stainless steel casing and lid, giving them a long life. In particular, the high performance sensor with 40KHz ultrasonic frequency is adopted. The tiny bubbles created by these sensors can clean irregular and complex instruments, components and PCBS that are difficult to clean with ordinary cleaning tools. These devices, components and PCBS can’t even enter the pores, nor do they require any physical cleaning.


The volume of a series of ultrasonic cleaning machines can rose from 1.3 to 30 l, so they can in a variety of industries, such as hospitals, pharmaceutical industry, schools, scientific research, the oil industry, chemical industry, light industry, metallurgical industry, machine industry, transportation industry, military industry, such as cleaning object, but not limited to, instruments, meters, electronic components, PCBS, semiconductor silicon wafers, magnetic materials, parts, metal plating, optical glass, audio head, polyester filter core, spinneret, latex molds, medical equipment, glass products, jewelry, watches and clocks, bearing, fuel injection equipment, such as irregular and complicated parts. In particular, they are efficient and accurate tools for cleaning dirt from deep holes, blind holes, and rough surfaces.