[Ulrasonic Cleaner] Cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning machine is suitable for the fuel filter

In hot summer, the viscosity of lubricants decreases with temperature, which may lead to overconsumption. In addition, the summer temperature is high, gasoline volatile fast, easy to block oil. Therefore, remember to clean the fuel filter to make sure the circuit is clear.

Therefore, cleaning fuel filter is to use ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning.

First, ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning is the use of ultrasonic transducer is converted into mechanical vibration, causing cavitation phenomenon, clean liquid bubble, breakdown phenomenon, lead to the surface of the object, the pore dirt, gap is dispersed, cracking and spalling, the object is to make sure clean.

Secondly, ultrasonic cleaning machine can thoroughly clean the cleaning effect of the object, especially the deep hole, blind hole, will not affect the quality and precision of any object.

In addition, ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly micro jet produced by ultrasonic cavitation and ultrasonic cavitation effect of diode, the solid and liquid interface of micro flow scouring and ultrasonic cavitation, can serve as a kind of deep oil jar, very clean and clear.