Laser Marking Machines

ZX stands out among other laser marking machines with our commitment to our clients’ success. Each of our laser equipment is made under strict QC policy, ensuring optimized machining performance.


Precision Laser Marking Machines

Laser marking machines sear a material’s surface to create graphical, pattern, or text prints. The equipment can achieve accurate and permanent marks on a variety of materials such as wood, rubber, leather, and much more. 

With a workshop of 4,000 square meters and five production lines running at 24/7 full capacity, we complete volume orders of laser marking machines even during peak periods.


Customization Options

Accomplish your branding goals through our complete customization options on our laser marking machines such as customized documents with your company logo.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does a laser marking machine work?

Laser marking uses a laser beam to mark various surfaces of substances permanently. The marking effect is through the evaporation of the surface material to reveal the deep material or light energy to burn off part of the material, showing the need to etch the pattern.

2. What are the benefits of laser marking?

1.Precise marking– The process leaves extremely precise that is easily readable by machines. The mark is durable. This is an important quality when many laser-marked parts need to be traced back to their source.
2.Safe process– The user mainly controls the computer and adjusts the machine to complete the whole process of laser marking, and the process is highly secure.
3.Material diversity – Laser cutting can work with a massive range of materials
4.Non-contact – Any process that uses a laser beam is a non-contact process, which means that the laser beam isn’t physically working with the material it is directed at.

3. Can laser marking be removed?

The best way to avoid the need to remove these marks is to carry out the job correctly the first time, so it is best to understand common laser engraving mistakes and how to avoid them altogether.

How We Bring Production Enriching Laser Marking Machines

ZX outshines other laser marking machines manufacturers with 10 years of research and development and 13 years of production experience. Through our cutting edge equipment that includes two CNC milling machines, and other machines, we take full control over the quality of our LBM machines. A rich selection of laser marking machines to process various materials of different sizes to accomplish your business requirements.

Complementing our cutting edge laser marking machines are brand-enriching services such as free maintenance for one year and free accessories for 1% of your order quantity. ZX includes free customized colored manuals when a single order is worth more than $10,000. Through our efficient quality management system, ZX is also capable of completing your orders of laser marking machines while preserving their accurate performance.

Let ZX Elevate Your Production to New Heights!


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