Strict Quality Control

ZX understands your need for reliable production equipment that performs optimally and continuously, and we address this by applying stringent quality control protocols.


Established QC System

Managed by our professional team of quality inspectors, we implement a comprehensive quality control system throughout the entire manufacturing process.

From careful material selection, our QC team inspects the machines we build to maintain our standards, with a final inspection and testing done before shipment.


ZX's Certifications

In our pursuit of excellence and to provide our clients with peerless equipment, ZX has secured certifications for our facility and quality control protocols.

Testing Details

Careful attention to detail makes our equipment perfect for your business. ZX does its best to make various testing processes available to guarantee the quality of our products.

Automatic Inspection Line

The automatic inspection line for heat presses is independently developed, which reduces the function test time from 5 – 10 minutes to 10-15 seconds, lowering labor costs while improving the QC efficiency.

High Voltage Test

The dielectric strength tester is used to test the performance of our ultrasonic cleaners with various voltages. Test results determine the efficiency and safety of our ultrasonic cleaners when running on specific voltages.

Cutting Effect Test

The finished laser machine is tested by cutting acrylic sheets while utilizing a calibrated power rate and measuring the cutting depth. This test ensures the machine can achieve our client’s requirements.


Third-Party Testing Available

Complying with the demands of our clients, we offer outside testing options before project completion.

Partnering with reputable third-party testing facilities, we conduct product testing and calibration to check that the parameters meet your satisfaction.

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