Ultrasonic Cleaning

Your trusted manufacturer of the latest ultrasonic cleaners, ZX has various models that support a wide range of industries. These cleaning machines remove dirt from small parts using high-frequency sound frequencies.

Long-standing Ultrasonic Cleaners for Multiple Industries

ZX’s ultrasonic cleaners eliminate contaminants using cavitation, which creates minuscule bubbles that implode in a liquid cleaning solution. The implosions clear away residue from crevices and hard to reach spots.

Due to the flexibility offered, we support numerous industries, such as electronics, medicine, and jewelry. We handle a comprehensive manufacturing process whereby every step is handled in our specialized factories, with over six workshops to produce ultrasonic cleaners at fast rates.

Original & Thorough

Every ultrasonic cleaner comes with advanced technology to enhance its cleaning efficiency over any surface and fit your application.

Feature 1

Authentic Millimeter Wave Scanning Tech.

Feature 2

The cavitation can reach 40,000 times per second to thoroughly clean objects.

Feature 3

With flexible costs, you have a variety of choices.

Feature 4

Every model comes in different sizes, functions, and categories to meet various requirements for cleaning.

Feature 5

The boards are produced in specialized factories to guarantee stable performance.

Feature 6

Use our foolproof operation interface with much ease for greater efficiency.

Feature 7

All products come with manuals that instruct clearly on how to use them.

Feature 8

Set your brand apart with a full range of appearance and color customizations.

Feature 9

Add other functions to our machines, such as filtering, rinsing, throwing, spraying, and drying.

All Our Ultrasonic Cleaning

Applications of ZX Ultrasonic Cleaners

Through advanced R&D, we create cleaners fit for electronics, automobile, rubber, aviation, medical, electroplating, and nuclear energy industries. Possessing wide applications in numerous industries, our ultrasonic cleaners can go through every tough spot in machine parts, bottles, equipment, and utensils to remove any residue and ensure they function properly.

Your Responsive Ultrasonic Cleaner Supplier

Consult with our team for free maintenance, efficient training, discounts, and more. Our understanding of industry needs gets you the exact product you ask for.

We Know It Well

Years of industry experience results in ultrasonic cleaners that fit your requirements and needs

Professional Service Team

Within hours, our team responds to your concerns with technical support and solutions.

Fast Delivery

Updated frequently, our product deliveries come within a week to reduce your hassles.


Ultrasonic cleaners from ZX match your applications and attract audiences.


Strong Manufacturing Centers for Quality Ultrasonic Cleaners

Readily expanded for faster manufacturing, we have four production lines running at full load. We process independently-made raw materials through six production workshops equipped with advanced machinery, easily control costs, and reach 31% higher production yields.

Manning operations are our R&D team with over 12 years of experience and manufacturing experts with over 6 years in the industry. Along with our internal management team, we offer high-quality cleaners at negotiable prices and offer comprehensive technical support and services.

Certified Quality Control for Ultrasonic Cleaner Production

Controlling material suppliers and checking products in every stage of manufacturing allows us for optimized performance.

Through the comprehensive management of our management system and skilled personnel, we reach the “ISO” requirement of greater than 98% and our entire manufacturing process has passed full inspections.

Let ZX Elevate Your Production to New Heights!


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