Digital Ultrasonic Cleaners

ZX produces high-end digital ultrasonic cleaners made with quality stainless steel and built to last. Customized with easy-to-use settings and sensitive cleaning action for delicate parts, our cleaners remove dirt easily from any surface.


Precise Digital Ultrasonic Cleaners

Toggled for soft cleaning action, our digital ultrasonic cleaners have multiple applications for smaller, delicate parts. With degassing and other features, they can easily remove grime and contaminants that reside in crevices and surface areas.

Equipped with the latest technology, our modern facility manufacture easy-to-use digital cleaners customized for your industry.


Customization Options

Outfitted with reliable digital controls and multiple functions, our digital ultrasonic cleaners are easy to use and can be modified to any size or design of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the principle of digital ultrasonic cleaning machine?

The ultrasonic cleaner is a microprocessor-controlled ultrasonic device. Ultrasonic cleaning is based on a phenomenon caused by high-frequency ultrasonic vibration of the liquid signal. The collapse of rapidly expanding tiny air bubbles will cause cavitation, resulting in a clean effect on the object's surface.

2. What are the fields of digital ultrasonic cleaning machine application?

Electronic products, mechanical accessories, jewelry, money, fruit, razor head, toothbrush, waterproof watch, glasses, auto parts, ink cartridges, etc.

3. What are the benefits of Ultrasonic cleaner?

1.Time Savings- ultrasonic cleaners emit up to 40 thousand sound pulses per second, and each pulse provides cleaning action as it impacts the part surface.
2. Versatile Contaminant Removal-Ultrasonic cleaners can remove an almost endless variety of contaminants.
3. Low Power Consumption-Ultrasonic cleaners need only one small motor to filter the solution. The rest of the cleaning is done with efficient electrical energy and transducers, keeping power consumption minimum.

How We Bring Superior Digital Ultrasonic Cleaners

ZX’s supply network provides reliable components and quality raw materials that have gone through testing and certification. With six workshops and advanced production lines, we manage a complete production cycle and efficiently use our materials to create more models at lower prices. Handling key processes in our factories allow us to supply digital ultrasonic cleaners at any volume within schedule.

Thanks to our low order requirement, we achieve personalized products at any level. Discounts and fast access to transportation guarantees safe delivery without any worries. Having gone through intense testing, our machines have the certification needed for immediate entry to any market. A certain proportion of accessories will help in increasing the lifespan and performance of our machines.

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