Mechanical Ultrasonic Cleaners

ZX’s factory creates reliable mechanical ultrasonic cleaners that offer swift cleaning on any mechanical parts. Through our streamlined manufacturing process and quality control, we produce our cleaners from start to finish and guarantee their efficiency for the long-term.


Durable Mechanical Ultrasonic Cleaners

Mechanical ultrasonic cleaners are made from stainless steel and clean machine parts effectively through our powerful formula. ZX’s functional factory handles the production of fast-action ultrasonic cleaners made specifically for mechanical cleaning.

The industry experience of our team helps you design and find the right product for your applications.


Customization Options

Consult with our team on how you want our ultrasonic cleaners to function and appear so that you can better serve your market.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How are ultrasonic waves produced?

When high-frequency sound waves are going through a cleaning fluid such as water with a detergent additive, millions of microscopic bubbles create. These bubbles are the result of the augment and compress phrases of the sound waves within the fluid. We always call it cavitation.

2. The different ultrasonic frequencies

25 kHz - The most potent frequency to remove heavy pollution. Do NOT use on mirror polish surfaces and sensitive materials like glass, aluminum...
40 kHz - Standard frequency can be compatible with a wide range of materials and remove much pollution.
80 kHz - This frequency is used to clean parts with complex geometry. Cavitation bubbles can go into small holes to remove the pollution.
120 kHz - Main application in precision optics to clean sensitive parts like wafers. The cavitation power is low, so these frequencies are used on clean parts to remove dust in the final cleaning.

3. Is the ultrasonic cleaner useful?

1. Fast speed and good effect
Compared with the traditional manual cleaning methods, soaking, steaming, and other methods are commonly used, which will consume much time, and the cleaning is uneven. The ultrasonic cleaning machine uses the ultrasonic cleaning method to use the medium to conduct the surface and make the character fall off. It can cover the entire range to make the workpiece water. The permeable places, grooves, and edges can be cleaned by ultrasonic cleaning. Usually, a large number of workpieces can be washed in a few minutes.

2. No need to touch and clean
Ultrasonic cleaning does not need to manually clean the items like the traditional solvent soaking the workpiece. Manual cleaning cannot meet the requirements of safety and cleanliness. Using the ultrasonic cleaning machine is to place the items in the cleaning tank and put the solvent into the cleaning tank to vibrate and clean many things. Fast, environmentally friendly, and safe!

3. Save labor and use environmental protection
Ultrasonic cleaners can recycle organic solutions. In addition to environmental protection, it also saves on-site usage, labor costs, and other issues.

How We Bring Top-Grade Mechanical Industrial Cleaners

Automated factory meets demands through quality production and efficient use of materials and components. Advanced technology improves our cleaners’ accuracy to help you thoroughly. Additionally, we achieve peak quality through consistent inspections with high-quality standards. As such, we provide machines at affordable prices.

Integrated shipping and logistics networks help in the ease of transporting our machines to your markets. With our one year of free maintenance, we replace any defective products without adding any further hassles. Free accessories are added to improve the performance and aesthetics of our machines. Call us for any technical support and our team will respond to you within an hour.

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